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Bag book also can reflect environmental protection consciousness with bagatelle
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Since the school terms begins, stationery things market is very fervent, the reporter visits the discovery when a few stationer, plastic book cover still very popular. Have citizen report however, in " be restricted model makes " after carrying out, such plastic book cover appears to run in the opposite direction with environmental protection spirit.

Recently, the reporter is in a few schools of our city the stationer discovery around, a few elegant plastic slipcase still very get student reception. A fellow student that selecting plastic slipcase tells a reporter, "Beautiful " , " convenient " it is the main reason that he chooses plastic slipcase. A few parents express, because the child likes,buying plastic slipcase basically is, did not consider the issue of environmental protection really, the country carries out " be restricted model makes " , basically be what go up in the light of the market is plastic shopping bag, did not put forward to make clear a requirement to plastic slipcase.

3 solid Mr. Xiaochen teachers of city think, regard the school as education, should foster environmental protection consciousness of the student as a child, and this kind of consciousness is really OK from " bag book " such bagatelle is made, new term began, the teacher can be mixed the parent together, advocate a student to include a book with old calendar or newspaper, can accomplish environmental protection not only, return what can exercise the child to start work ability.