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Environmental protection bag is designed " cartoon character " into window
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The domestic general merchandise of morning paper and garment is rolled out jointly " commonweal of environmental protection shopping bag designs a contest " up to now, received mixed bag of nearly 1000 environmental protection designs draft. In this week of received manuscript, bag of cartoon character environmental protection is particularly marked, the series cartoon character in many work has enthusiastic, vivid face, be like the environmental protection spokesman that is each, for our environmental protection the loud cry is cheered.

The Hong Jie that was born 1987 sent the bag of cartoon environmental protection of 8 different types to us. On bag cover of white, 8 different cartoon a mean person are taking a small blackboard. Hong Jie tells us, this the name is " happy blackboard " series of environmental protection bag designs draft, originality comes from the bamboo dragonfly of machine cat, the place lifting a hand of environmental protection bag is the style of dragonfly of a bamboo, the environmental protection that everybody can write down him on small blackboard of black is enunciative.

The classmates of one grade also give elementary school of Changjiang Delta experiment the blueprint of environmental protection bag that we sent ourselves, or it is to use small crayon, or it is to use fine fine pencil, depict issued the nature in their heart.

On the closest net very popular " Pansite " caricature author Chong Zi, after the environmental protection bag that hears of us designs a contest, also become us to comment on the honored guest of engage by special arrangement that draws on invitation willingly. "Hangzhou is a very beautiful city, ' Pansite ' it is me when Hangzhou ' be born ' . " Introduction Chongzi: "The Pansite that has deep love for environmental protection is a nobody, very common, very common, but he is very persistent however to environmental protection, some of person says to protect an environment to use polybag is impossible task, but the thing that Pansite thinks to be opposite, go doing with respect to meeting effort, this is a kind of brave manner.