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" dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " go up one year value of 10 yuan
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A teacher appoints the Chu Erying sign that should buy to coach book, went up than last year this year 4 yuan many; Every this one high school student must want to use " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " , the overprint price this year rises 78 yuan of nowadays from 68 yuan of last year... recently, the reporter interviews discovery, paper rises in price affect teach complementary material, raise another taught complementary book to become student parent burden of valence ceaselessly. "Exercise this, jotter, book, reference book... seem two this years to be in all the time rise in price! The student reads now requires premium is bigger and bigger. " the personage of many parents and stationery industry says so.

Triplex the concerned personage of the bookshop says, the student that runs in their inn teachs complementary material to have several 100 kinds, went up two this years on the whole valence. The Chu Erying sign that should buy than be being appointed like a teacher coachs book, every rise 16.5 yuan from 12.5 yuan of last year originally this year, went up 4 yuan many; The high school student uses surely " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " , this year is overprint only, number of content, page did not change, every price rises 78 yuan of nowadays 68 yuan of version from last year... " consider a student bear ability, the bookshop is special the tax complementary material is called 75 fold. The client may think book price is so high the bookshop is good make money, actually book price key is in publisher, have nothing to do with with the bookshop. Contrary, a lot of classes complementary teaching material is school teacher appoints a student to buy, the bookshop because this is very passive still, sometimes replenish onr's stock sells not quite, meet again sometimes large quantities of slow-moving. Meet again sometimes large quantities of slow-moving..

The child reads this year tall Mr Yang of one is right student book, coach material rises in price to have experience greatly: "The child reads elementary school, junior high school before, what need coach material is returned relatively less, go up after high school, the homework was weighed, the teacher's demand is high also. Coach originally the book wants ten yuan commonly, gross 89 classes, some course still were bought more than a class complementary material, this semester light buys the child class complementary spent many money. Original money flower is reading going up is worthiness, but these coaching the book is lain between year trashy, book value rises all the time again, too wasteful also! Too wasteful also!!

Go up relatively an astonishing book, class complementary, the operation that the student uses in great quantities this, jotter goes up very small. In 100 flowers road a stationer, the exercise of a 22 pages sells 1 yuan originally, a 22 crustaceous tablet sells 5 yuan many, soft skin is thinner sell 3.5 yuan, the student writes down the A5 norms with commonly used note 40 pages jotter sells 1.5 yuan. Inn boss says, do stationery business now competition is intense, they want the stuff that likes into the student already, do not rise in price as far as possible even little rise in price, the student customer that just can attract periphery group.
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