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The Jing inside small shop shows by the school " wide mouth paster "
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Yesterday afternoon, a parent tells a reporter in the phone, she sees there are a few pasters on the son's writing case, writing on paster " again gibberish killed your bifurcation " " distain you " wait for content, and her son just goes up this year elementary school 4 grade. After asking the child, the child buys she is informed these paster from the inn of one wife and children near the school. This parent expresses, these " wide mouth paster " grow to the child very adverse, she is anxious very much to this.

"Was yesterday afternoon in the classroom, when the classmate speaks aloud, I extended writing case the past, after the classmate sees paster, feel very fancy. Then after school, everybody was bought. " her son Yu Jiang (alias) tell a reporter, actually he does not buy these paster the earliest, before, he ever saw there are these pasters on the jotter that has a fellow student.

Subsequently, the reporter is in tung country city Feng Ming road sees in inn of one wife and children, this inn if really selling this is planted " wide mouth paster " . Paster sells 1 yuan of money a string, every strings have many pieces 10, every pieces are less than a piece of calling card big. Imprint on paster have use free character or star picture, graph edge with " again gibberish killed your bifurcation " " distain you " wait for wide opening statement. The reporter returns discovery, this kind of paster did not tag the pertinent information such as manufacturer home, those who belong to a model " 3 without the product " . "Why should buy this kind of paster? " the reporter asks one just is bought " wide mouth paster " pupil. "Amused, the word that writes above is very interesting, look very satisfy a craving. A lot of classmates in the class were bought, and often change, because the design above paster is mixed,the statement also is being updated ceaselessly. Because the design above paster is mixed,the statement also is being updated ceaselessly..

The counterjumper of inn of this wife and children tells a reporter, somebody comes technically to promote them promote paster, put in inn to sell very well, the person that nevertheless they also do not know to promote is the money that takes from where.

To this, many parents express concern. The son is going up Mr Zhu of elementary school says: "This kind ' wide mouth paster ' very big to the influence of dot, children are together amuse oneself when, can imitate the wide opening statement on paster eagerly, this goes against them grow. " parents hope concerned branch can pay close attention to in time, restrict this to plant " wide mouth paster " sell in the market.