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Yimaide purchases the forehead inside to will exceed 100 million dollar this yea
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The supplier that after the reporter entered China from Yimaide a few days ago, holds first purchases the know on congress, the purchase of land of the home in be being bought easily so that be in this year will break through 100 million dollar.

The Korea that buys easily so that the supplier purchases congress according to coming round to attend on a special trip is bought easily headquarters is abroadly purchase an assistant president Zheng midday silent introduces, the international that buys easily so that headquarters establishs in Shanghai purchases the purchase with annual center to have considerably growth. The purchase this year will break through 100 million dollar first, next year can amount to 1 . 700 million dollar, will achieve 2010 3. 800 million dollar. Buy easily the purchase of overseas is mediumly in Korea, the purchase that comes from Chinese inland held the share of 90 % .

Silent of the midday that occupy Zheng introduces, the first time supplier that Yimaide holds in China purchases congress, attracted come from China to wait for 159 suppliers besides the dress beyond food, small home appliance, furniture, stationery, toy, among them the supplier of 20 % is Han endowment enterprise. Reckon purchase will exceed 20 million yuan of U.S. dollors, among them the commodity of supplier of cap of 40 dress, shoe is special be welcomed. Additional, according to be being bought easily Chinese division is newly door inn development manages department general manager Zheng Min tiger introduces, to this year the end of the year, the door inn number that buys easily so that be in China will achieve 20, exceed 30 probably next year.