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China Software Technology Power Nine Foma Office Automation Construction Machine
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Recently, nine Chinese Foma thinking software as the Group's strategic-level mechanical consulting and IT solutions provider, has recently been signed multiple contracts with the Foma machinery, office automation system, a comprehensive solution (OA) of the security issues. As we all know, OA office automation system Even with ten years of rapid development, but its success rate has been hovering at 40% or less, reason, we often attributed to the low maturity of products, ease of use is poor, open Integration is weak, changes in customer demand, rapid promotion efforts can not keep up, and so full, however, a large number of failures after research found that customers visited so far, even the failure of a considerable number of customers comes down to safety by Factors. China FOMA Group as a central enterprise, the national 520 key state-owned enterprises, the company is headquartered in Beijing, now has 13 subsidiaries, including Changlin, Lin shares, SUFOMA Share Three listed companies, but also with the Japanese Komatsu, Yamaha, Hyundai and other international joint ventures established a well-known enterprises, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Harbin and other cities in Jiangsu Province in eastern fat Of area, business network throughout the country, is the cross-sectoral, regional national enterprise group, has 36 member enterprises. As the only national forestry machinery industry production and management of large enterprises, production and operation of wood-based panels And woodworking machinery, power machinery and a small motorcycle, engineering machinery, tools cutting tools and other four categories total 300 kinds of products are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia, dozens of countries and regions. Assets 50 Billion, the output value of tens of billions. State machine as an important member of the Group, Foma machinery in 2009, completed the successful deployment of OA office automation systems, but with the application of in-depth, and gradually found, OA office automation system itself is not the permissions system Can guarantee the safety completely solve the problem, a variety of security risks as is the promotion and application of OA in-depth bottlenecks, such as client and server side will affect the spread of the virus to access the efficiency of OA system, the lack of data disaster recovery mechanism will The efficiency of emergency after downtime, OA system will be deployed in outer network database of a variety of malicious attacks, OA's own password policy if the password is too simple to be violence prone to cracking, the user awareness of prevention of password Weak disclosure will likely exist, the data easily be intercepted during transmission and so on ... Nine OA think software as a professional office automation systems and application integration services, as the first brand TOPSEC security a strategic partner, with more than ten years of experience in OA system implementation services, and security OA Of assiduous study, after Foma Machinery Group of the operating environment and a comprehensive understanding of OA systems, provide the environment from the client to the server environment, from land security, application security, transmission security, data security , A basket of storage security solutions, the complete elimination of the safety of OA operating environment and improve the efficiency of OA applications to ensure the continued success of the system.