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Tibetan home checks inventory to pay close attention to more after half an year
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As Beijing the Olympic Games concludes and abstruse meeting enters incomplete gradually climax, the sale of concessionary product also entered the Olympic Games to accept government-owned level. According to the Olympic Games the agreement of concessionary production business and BOCOG, in Beijing incomplete the " that there will be half an year after abstruse meeting checks inventory period " , can sell goods of the rest Olympic Games to the end of March 2009 all the time. Face what this half an year controls to time, consumer, agency and manufacturing business begin to plan oneself schedule.

Consumer: Key attention set limit to is precious Olympic Games product

"Can Olympic Games product still sell half an year? This I know, so specially turns today, buy some have appreciate the product of set limit to of latent capacity. " on September 9, although issueing spit, arrowroot gentleman still comes to silver the Olympic Games of subterranean shopping square is concessionary commodity bar, "Basically want to buy the product of set limit to of bit of precious metal, had better become series, besides have commemorative sense, still have collect value. " arrowroot gentleman says to the reporter. And Miss Wang also discovers bar assistant, very much recently consumer is purposeful sexual ground will enquire product of Olympic Games of choose and buy. "Former it is toy of wool cloth with soft nap, small hang sell well, now ' China is red ' china, cubic metre of precious metal bird's nest, water and torch are heat, especially bird's nest, stop money a lot of days. " Miss Wang says.

As we have learned, at present concessionary commodity has the Olympic Games on the market 449 kinds, include to place adorn article, bag of dress of household articles for use, style things, dress, box, china, handicraft, souvenir badge, precious metal ten kinds big, have already among them not the common souvenir of set limit to, also have the precious commodity of edition of set limit to.

In recent years, flourishing age collected tropics to move numerous consumer to embrace into collect a domain, and model of the commemorative money that pledges for material with precious metal in Olympic Games commodity, mascot, building, because the amount is limited,be more, raw material is rare be short of be chased after hold in both hands. Buy investment to enter last half an year to time as the Olympic Games, consumer in succession the will main precious Olympic Games that bought a target to change these to edition of set limit to is concessionary product. Although the price of precious metal follows recently the callback of oil price and considerably shrink, but the theme of Beijing Olympic Games still has the appeal that comparative. Besides, the Hunan that has Chinese distinguishing feature sweets wine hill " China is red " mail tastes individuation of china of Olympic Games series, special type the product that etc also is attention of customer focal point. But because this Olympic Games is concessionary the circulation of commodity is tremendous, items is various, of these products appreciate latent capacity is still unidentified bright.
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