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Law of blemish product recall holds manufacturer of hearing of witnesses active
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In infant milk powder great and safe accident brings about recall of company of numerous milk products the instantly of its product, total bureau of national qualitative check is held yesterday about " blemish product recall administers a regulation (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " (next weighing " the opinion stalks of grain " ) hearing, agree the attention focus of current customer without prior consultation undoubtedly.

" the opinion stalks of grain " after belonging to national afterwards to carry out recall to set with respect to product of blemish of toy of car, food, children, below the case that in food safety accident frequency sends, enlarge blemish product recall to manage a kind of effort of limits.

   Definition " blemish product " reach " recall "

" the opinion stalks of grain " say, its suitable scope is every is in China the recall activity of the product of churchyard production, sale reachs his to control government, but medicines and chemical reagents and except of war industry product.

" the opinion stalks of grain " still made clear " blemish product " definition, because of,point to namely the reason such as design, production, directive, in some batch, model or category existence has oneness, endanger human body health and life safety or the product of the unqualified, risk that creates relevant problem.

"Recall " it is to point to the program that presses a regulation and requirement, to blemish product, pass caution, complement by generator or revise consumption specification, recall, retreat goods, exchange goods, repair, the means such as destroy by melting or burning, precaution, control and the harm that eliminate blemish product to may be brought about.

   Will build harm information to collect platform

Qualitative check total bureau was released in October 2004 " regulation of blemish car recall " hind, begin to consider to draft the code of higher level.

This year, country " blemish product recall administers a regulation " included legislative 2008 plan. The about product of blemish of toy of car, food, children recall before qualitative check total bureau summed up this sets, and the experience that comes a few years, drafted " the opinion stalks of grain " , cover all blemish products that concern with person safety with managing recall range.

Liu Zhaobin of director of department of code of policy of qualitative check total bureau expresses on the hearing, " the opinion stalks of grain " except outside enlarging suitable scope, still have an innovation, put forward to want to build blemish product to control a management information system namely, the information that includes place of a product to cause harm collects platform. And a such systems, need to be built together with Ministry of Public Health, pertinent information also should be collected together, analysis and statistic.

Qualitative check total bureau says, the collection of product harm information channel, include range of management department, society (include consumer and media coverage to wait) , and the investigation in hospital system. Among them latter is attached most importance to especially should. This kind multivariate the practice that mode drew lessons from the United States.
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