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Founder science and technology hand in hand AMD makes the whole world the bigges
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The whole world is the greatest 4 nucleuses Internet bar -- Tianjin information harbor tries oneself since doing business, get all the time the close attention of Internet bar industry and netizen. On September 26, 2008, high level of AMD of supplier of famous integrated circuit arrives at science and technology of Founder of brand of ethical IT cacique and whole world information harbor, cut open the variety that innovation develops jointly with president of Tianjin information harbor. The ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of 4 nucleuses times still attracted make one's bow of industry of Internet bar of this one mark to come from ten of the whole nation famous media reporters, what witnessed Tianjin information harbor jointly is wonderful the progress with the industry.

Tianjin information harbor has many 600 computer in all at present, use Founder Internet bar entirely special PC, among them 400 all are deployed AMD Phenom 9100E the Founder net dragon of processor of 4 core desktop 500. Net dragon 500 it is Founder science and technology is aimed at an Internet bar technically the type of Internet bar high end of research and development of design of special use environment, not only choose AMD4 nucleus processor to promote processing rate energetically, still show card to cooperate to it with high-definition clear 9600GT, let a player not only the free that can freely easily enjoys game world, still can experience clear and clear colorful picture, game fun magnifies in the round.

As we have learned, "Information harbor " use Founder brand computer all the time since establish, in old collaboration, of meticulously of Founder science and technology " whole journey serves " it is to let more " information harbor " income is quite much. Founder science and technology is current country is only an IT firm that builds career department technically for research and development of Internet bar product, the characteristic of its product tall stability, low power comsumption also all the demand emerge as the times require of suit Internet bar, when initiating concussion to 4 nucleuses when the decision so, information harbor chooses the first times is to continue to cooperate with Founder science and technology.

Besides, founder net dragon 500 adoption AMD Phenom 9100E processor of 4 core desktop also is one of payoff that information harbor is determined to buy. 4 nucleuses of AMD Phenom 9100E every core has processor interior the 2 class cache with independent 512KB X 4 implement, and the 3 class cache that 4 core share 2MB again, make CPU need not visit memory to be able to share information quickly, improve much task processing and multi-line Cheng performance, improved operation efficiency effectively, this was the large game with the most important Internet bar to offer taller better moving platform and extend a space.

AMD controller expresses, AMD is not to be immersed oneself in only at research and development, pay attention to more however how to fulfil high-tech the life level that drives the mankind, AMD of no less than is opening ceremony of wonderful Beijing Olympic Games very gladly to contribute platform same, this one whole world is the greatest the practice of AMD4 nucleus Internet bar fulfils the high-tech with outstanding AMD common people not only in the life, also drove 4 nucleuses development to offer new thinking energetically for AMD at the same time, this also is thinking with manager of Tianjin information harbor ' the inevitable trend that 4 nucleuses will be Internet bar development ' happen to have the same view.
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