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Sampling percent of pass of quality of pen of earmark of Shanghai watercolour pe
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Bureau of Shanghai qualitative inspect on September 18 message, 2008 3 quarters, quality of product of the watercolour pen to Shanghai production, sale, earmark pen undertook bureau of inspect of Shanghai quality ability special supervise selective examination. The 44 batch product that selective examination, via examining, eligible 40 batch, objective quality sampling percent of pass is 90.9% .

This second special supervise selective examination, GB21027-2007 of basis country mandatory standard " the safe and current requirement of student things " and the industry standard that put on record and product quality bright show assure, to the product but of the biggest set limit to of migratory element and pen on the security index such as cap safety undertook detecting. Selective examination the main problem of discovery is the pen that has 4 batch product on cap safety is unqualified.

Of the product but the requirement of the biggest set limit to of migratory element is the restriction of content of heavy metal element that there is a harm to human body in pointing to watercolour pen, earmark pen, involve but migratory element is antimonial, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromic, lead, mercuric, Selenium to wait for element of 8 kinds of heavy metal. This second this project case is good in selectiving examination, the heavy metal element of all products all did not exceed bid, and apparent under the respective highest set limit to in the standard.

Of the pen go up cap safety basically is to show the dimension of the cap of a pen, the cap of a pen aerates airiness of area, the cap of a pen 3 index, standard requirement should be accorded with at least among them one of. Hair in selectiving examination is existing 3 afore-mentioned index all do not accord with 4 batch product standard requirement, reason decides of the pen on cap safety project is unqualified. Investigate its reason: As a result of,be GB21027-2007 " the safe and current requirement of student things " in what added safety of pair of the cap of a pen newly is mandatory requirement, many manufacturing companies are right of watercolour pen, earmark pen on cap safety asks not to understand, understanding is insufficient, did not cause take seriously. 2 it is the majority produces an enterprise to still be not had at present detect the method of safety of the cap of a pen and condition, strength of the monitoring in actual production is insufficient; The 3 manufacturing technology that are the cap of a pen are simple, the ageing of the optional sex that because operate,is in in manufacturing process or mould, the blowhole that brings about a design was not hit to wear, ask to what the cap of a pen aerates in short of standard.

Control the problem that in selectiving examination, discovers in the light of this second product, bureau of inspect of Shanghai quality ability already asked technology of quality of each area county supervises a department the regulation of laws and regulations of concerned law of strict according to, be opposite an enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertake handling, deadline is rectified and reform. To concerning the processing of the rejected product of the enterprise the circumstance undertakes supervisory checking, ensure the person of broad consumer, belongings is safe.
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