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School door sets turntable to cheat student lunch money before the mouth
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16 days, area of Harbin city sweet lane executes the law 5 parents came in the office of the bureau. Near schools of these parent report child new occurrence turntable game affects child learning badly, children spend the parent on turntable game to their lunch money.

11 when, execute the law personnel is in of student parent guide came down to be located in the culture school near canalage of another name for Jiangxi Province. Execute the law personnel sees it is all round turntable game playing turntable game with pleasure round more than 10 pupil.

Execute the law personnel discovers the award full of beautiful things in eyes above turntable, have electronic dictionary, MP3, satchel preciously, cheaply star placard, pen, rubber waits. Although price on the high side of 5 yuan of money, but students spend light to get the high-grade product such as dictionary of MP3, electron nots hesitate their lunch money. In the observation of half hour, execute the law what personnel discovers these students get is jotter, rubber etc cheap things.

Classics investigation, pedlar is the member that Yi Chun will breath out Wu worker, because did not find the job, made the student's decision. Pedlar is explained, game of this kind of turntable is derived from inside gambling house. There is an iron beam below turntable, on this iron beam fine below thick, the deflection of centre of gravity that passes disc of principle of mechanical centre of gravity cheap area, so students turn disc result is to be in every time cheap area. Execute the law personnel bans this stall, fine pedlar place with 500 yuan.