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Fontal city strange person: Brush writes small book word smaller than grain of r
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Draw up with brush word less than grain of rice word, ability of magnifier of need have the aid of looks clear, have in fontal city so a small book strange person.

The author Wu Pingfeng of small book, this year 55 years old, stay in fontal city urban district. Yesterday, he revealed to the reporter he most the small book work that like, the least word has 1.5 millimeter left and right sides only, need ability of magnifier of have the aid of to see clear word " flesh and blood " . Small character of small as the head of a fly, just like pressworks.

Say to wield one's writing brush with its, be inferior to saying " move fine long hair " . Laowu spot demonstrates small book. Sit calm, smooth breath, carry a pen, dip in gently bit of Chinese ink, after wiping pointed prepared Chinese ink of suitable fine long hair, laowu ability to write opens move, count a second only, the word is become. And the pen that old Wu Suo uses, it is the writing brush made of goat's hair that common stationer can buy, do not have special place.

Write small character of small as the head of a fly with brush, one not careful can turn posse into doodle. Laowu this is relaxed, the work force that contain wears 10 years. 10 years ago, the word to let oneself extraordinary, laowu begins to practice small book. "The most difficult is, small character wants strokes clarity to reach the designated position not only, can reflect the romantic charm that gives brush word even. " have romantic charm to achieve, laowu works everyday, insist to practice small book several hours.

Inside Laowu's atelier, have work of more than 10 small books. Among them one grows 10 meters, it is him from 2005 autumn begin, spent time of a year, mix with regular script, running hand cursive 3 kinds of different style, above " Tang poetry 300 " wrote 3 times. "Can write 500 words only at most everyday " , small book needs first-rate psychosis, ability wirh fixed attention.

Laowu's work ever was in auction of Beijing is met this year on, be collected by collector high price. Respecting this matter, laowu thinks, of fontal city person " small " word, caused craft the bound is approbated with what collect a bound, it is him the most contented with proud thing.