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Digital office automation solutions
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At present the application of office automation technology has been very extensive, such as: we are familiar with OA, workflow management, personnel and sales management software, office technology are the different applications.不同 industries have their own office with the corresponding features, both in the government office, or business office, the current PC-based office automation system are the following problems: ● System security is poor. Confidentiality of government offices demanding documents, files, editing and finishing more work, PC is not easy to realize the rights and file system operations in the strict control of confidentiality; ● system administrators work intensity, often due to solve the problem for each user The busy bee; ● Staff is in the PC-free installation of various software to write or copy any file or even a variety of code, not only increase the burden on the system and may cause the system to a standstill as the virus spread; ● large number of government agencies and enterprises faced with the urgent construction of information needs and the relative shortage of funds. The face of these problems, you need an effective solution to solve all problems. ◆ Universal Network Computer Digital office solutions Universal Digital office solutions for computer network hardware platform, the latest computer network technology into the daily management of enterprises and institutions work. The program uses WBT mode, all applications focused on the terminal server and application servers. All departments Digital on the desktop and server NC LAN connection, or through the VPN and other technologies and remote terminal server connection, and remote offices. ◆ advantage of the program Digital office solutions network computer overall general advantages: First, the efficient centralized management of The software used by the users fully operational, configuration, stored on the server side, and in this administration user access. Realized hardware upgrades and application software configuration and centralized management. Second, safety Limits the user's permissions, together with the firewall system to prevent the intrusion of illegal workers and viruses. Through the centralized management of data to improve overall network security. Third, the ease of use Digital computers are free to switch networks without losing the file, and are free to continue to work, effectively put an end to the PC is lost due to unexpected events important confidential documents and data have serious consequences. Fourth, the overall cost of ownership (TCO) significantly reduced As a single NC, the price is far lower than the PC, so that the lower purchase cost; in reducing the upgrade costs, but also reduces maintenance and service costs. V. true paperless mobile office The same person can use different network computer terminals, work environment "to carry", for mobile office. OA system, office applications, making the daily paper office gradually replaced by a paperless office. ◆ hardware system (recommended) Server-side: 2 P4 2.0G or above CPU ,1-2G memory, hard disk data according to user needs configure the client: Digital network computer ◆ System Software Operating System: WINDOWS 2000 SERVER / ADVANCE SERVER/2003 SERVER ◆ General office software 1 business applications ● MS-OFFICE ● WPS ● IE ● LOTUS NOTES ● Acrobat Reader / WrITer ● Norton Antivirus 2, industry application software ● SAP R / 3 ● UF NC ERP ● easy to fly ERP