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God 7 God 3 spacefarers took some of what
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Prevent noise to wear prevent earmuffs to fill in

Noise is aerospace in " invisible killer " . 3 spacefarers specially deployed what our country develops independently to prevent earmuffs to fill in. This kind prevents earmuffs to fill in the atmospheric pressure inside can self-adjusting ear changes, eliminate effectively, alleviate the auditive ache that spaceflight flight noise causes and unwell. The spacefarer wears this kind of earplug, as can automatic as ear path be identical, without oppressive feeling, can reduce noise effectively not only, and do not affect a spacefarer to undertake communicating through communication cap and ground. It is reported, this kind of earplug is in god 5, god 6 in also had been worn by the spacefarer. (Xinhua News Agency)

  Prevent agent of shark of the dagger on accident belt, drive

With the god 5, 6 photographs compare the god, god articles for use of the life of 7 spacefarers, recreation is more substantial, use rise more convenient also.

New addition article basically includes: Use in process giving cabin, can fight float book to write pencil, "Aerospace raises heart bolus " wait for 5 kinds of new drug, and the basis is magical the opinion of 6 spacefarers and addition wet paper towel. In the meantime, contain not only in the palmtop computer that in flying before two times, uses song, comic dialogue, photograph, video, still have the flight manual of electronic edition, show more clear also.

Cleaner of stock oral cavity, trash is returned to collect the clean things such as bag on airship, involve almost clinical about a hundred kinds of medicaments of each division, tool of the lifesaving on the onshore water such as agent of shark of pistol, dagger, drive, match, and diary wait for private article originally.

   Prevent fall ill took about a hundred kinds of medicaments

Medical service of prison of cure of Chinese spacefarer center protects doctor of branch of lab director Li Yong to tell a reporter, in the god in the medicine chest of 7 spacefarers, added 5 kinds of new drug first. These 5 kinds of medicaments are: Embedded ten flavour Chinese traditional medicine, be used at improving cardiovascular function " aerospace raises heart bolus " , the oral cavity of disease of spatial motion of prevention and cure fast collapse piece and fill type injection beforehand, conduce to alleviate fatigue electrolyte beverage, and those who be used at rising to establish a staying power is medical candy salt replenishers.

Li Yong branch says, "Aerospace raises heart bolus " outfit in rice paper, take rise very convenient. Oral cavity fast collapse piece, need not water can eat. Inject injection was used first fill form beforehand -- , medical fluid has been installed beforehand, the spacefarer is OK oneself inject, also can inject each other.

According to introducing, 7 cabin carry the spirit medicaments amounts to about a hundred kinds, cent outfit is in the place such as bag of medicine of individual emergency treatment and spaceflight medicine chest, when no matter be to be in,normal flight or lash-up are returned, the spacefarer can be found quickly and take medicaments.
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