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Art exhibition of the 3rd pen of countrywide will be in Tianjin 20 days to hold
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Strokes of the 3rd steel exhibits the whole nation 20 days to will kick off in Tianjin museum, exhibition period 4 days.

Draw allied chairman according to Chinese pen Li Yu radical introduces, this second exhibition ginseng exhibits work more than 240, cent creates picture of color of kind of steel strokes, careful steel strokes, pen, arts and crafts for paint from life kind steel strokes, building designs kind of steel strokes, use free art kind steel strokes 6 kinds.

As we have learned, steel strokes is the picture plants an older west, pass into China close already hundred years, as a kind the picture of high grade, high value is planted be being paid close attention to by people place gradually.

Li Yu radical expresses, at present a lot of people include a few artists and artistic essayist to still lack proper understanding to steel strokes, think steel strokes is a kind of instrument that makes a design, can draw and so on of bit of textbook small plate, comic only, cannot enter the hall of elegance. Actually otherwise, the pen draws law of ability of be particular about and matting, give a person with very strong vision wallop, be in abroad very welcome. We hold the purpose of this art exhibition to want to let more people are known and understand a pen to draw namely.

This second art exhibition takes the lead by alliance of Chinese steel strokes, culture of nation of world of ministry of professional committee, culture promotes art of mural of society of building of Chinese art newspaper, China can sponsor jointly, tianjin city art learns committee of major of seeing and hearing and Tianjin beauty aid to mirror a picture to make limited company undertake.