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Industry of stationery of apparently peaceful sea expands area dominant position
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In recent years, could there be especially sea county is awarded " Chinese stationery produces base " after characteristic area honorary title, government of county Party committee, county has real case of the industry according to Ning Haiwen, publish all sorts of encouragement actively to mix give aid to policy, breed and develop stationery property energetically, this promoted Ning Haiwen to have rapid development of the industry.

As we have learned, my county was obtained in July 2003 " Chinese stationery produces base " after characteristic area honorary title, industry dimensions expands ceaselessly. 2007, entire industry realizes gross value of industrial output 4.8 billion yuan, grow 60% than 2003, exit delivery cost amounts to 3.6 billion yuan, grow 71% than 2003, manufacturing company achieves 428, grow 61% than 2003. While dimensions expands, the standardization strategy of stationery industry also effect is distinct. Loose crane stationery and additionally 5 enterprises are chaired respectively or participate in the national level that drafted partial product or occupation standard. The brand bred the job to also gain revolutionary headway, enterprise of much home stationery wins the honorary title of the different level such as city of country, province. Provide as Ning Haiwen famous degree taller and taller, industry of peaceful sea stationery gets extending ceaselessly in domestic and international market, promoted Ning Haiwen to provide the mutual communication of enterprise and outside and collaboration. Assemble effect is shown stage by stage. Quality of things of culture and education of base of brand of brand of stationery of province of Chinese stationery net, Zhejiang, country is supervised examine industry of center, originality designs a center to wait for an industry to assist sexual orgnaization in succession settle my county, perfected the infrastructure construction of stationery industry, become the roll booster that industry of my county stationery grows.