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Rising in price is papermaking of inevitable trend green it is social responsibi
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As the adjustment of industrial structure and environmental protection pressure, the papermaking course of study that produces as sex of high-energy bad news, resource is faced with exit drawback to lead from 13% reduce 5% , exit of resource of national restriction lumber, RMB appreciates wait for a lot of pressure. The reporter exhibits a few paper of the area to export an enterprise to understand in stationery, their exit gets since last year the influence of certain level, rising in price is inevitable trend, market prospect is hopeful still.

Jin Xin (Qing Dynasty is far) paper industry of limited company exhibit a controller to tell a reporter, regard world paper as course of study 10 strong the wholy-owned subsidiary of one of APP groups, according to " 915 " plan to ask, take strong social sense of responsibility, popularize energetically " forest oar paper unifinication " project. Wholesale modernization is cultivated in and other places of Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan fast unripe forest zone, for afforestation, afforest barren mountain, reduce soil erosion to make contribution, also realize raw material to supply " autarky " . At present market of their product sale in domestic market demands exceeds supply, exit has powerful competitive advantage as much.

And benefit is collected to amount to international trade limited company to exhibit in Sichuan, those who put is basic it is products of bamboo pulp paper. As we have learned, be aimed at the current situation that at present insecurity of national timber resource, cost rises ceaselessly, the company uses the bamboo resource with relatively rich Sichuan, plant artificially easily with bamboo cycle of establish, production is short, but environment of state of second birth, opposite destroys small characteristic, make dominant position of bamboo pulp papermaking, advance the process of unifinication of bamboo pulp paper of center-west region.

Zhengzhou hundred this special the controller of limited company of chemical imports and exports also expresses, pollute serious straw pulp papermaking to already was replaced by place of course of study of wood pulp papermaking gradually in recent years, the small company that also forces a lot of technologies to lag behind is faced with close down. The industry should survive, must taste quality through raising high yield, reduce manufacturing cost, control to pollute a respect to promote competition the advantage.