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"Printer is cheap " SamSung meets with in the United States group suit
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Kabateck Brown Kellner of office of los angeles attorney local time on August 28, 2008, force consumer to buy printer ink box with undeserved method with respect to Korea SamSung, to new jersey Telandu is confederative local court mentions group suit.

This attorney office says, samSung printer has not give out in ink box when, with respect to the information that can show surplus is insufficient. And cannot use fill oily pink and the ink box with change what produce with other company cheaper. SamSung is adopted sell printer lead plane with dog-cheap price, the earnings structure that gains profit with selling ink box later. Accordingly, the price of ink box is basic and changeless, and the price of printer falls ceaselessly, printer is given when buying computer even recently.

The American legal person that this attorney office ever also was versed in to essence of life love general is born before this -- the United States Aipusheng has mentioned group suit, the United States loved general to was born to come true to reconcile with compensating for 300 million 5000 much dollars finally 6 years in April.

Be in the United States, be called in order to sell the commercial pattern of gain of bad news material " bit (Razor Blade) " mode. The analogy sells razor tool carrier with low price, with the sale bit gains profit later. The Brian Kabateck of presiding counsel for the defence of this attorney office thinks, "Quantity of consumer use Chinese ink and pay the price to not agree with, no matter how the bit mode of SamSung looks it is special exorbitant " .