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Japan makes paper group company announce to presswork paper rises in price
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It is reported, japan controls paper group company (Nippon Paper Group Inc. ) pressworking in what consider be being produced to its paper value one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole, predict to rise in price extent is 10% ~ 15% , specific executive time may be this year the end of the year. Japan makes paper rise in price this accusing rise in price at the sources of energy and raw material.

June 2008, the paper product that Japan makes paper once had gone up valence, extent is 15% , but this company shows, as a result of crude price soare exceeded its to anticipate, the gain ability that causes a company so is affected badly.

Japan makes paper doing when anticipating up to the finance affairs March 2009, be according to enlighten do obeisance to crude oil the average price of every pails of 88 dollars undertakes beforehand of appraise. But in fact, even if is had glided in current oil price, but the average price this year still will achieve 100 ~ 110 dollars / bucket.

Meanwhile, be used at papermaking reclaim the price of waste paper also is in shoot up, this also makes the income of the enterprise glides further.

Japan makes paper company express, this company will maintain the life such as bumf, napkin this to keep changeless with the price of paper. This year June, this kind of paper has risen in price 25% , this company hope rises in price this can reflect go up in retail prices.