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Japan builds the whole world in Vietnam factory of the biggest laser printer
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According to " Vietnam economy times " reported on August 25, 2008, through 8 months construction, japanese beautiful can (Vietnam) limited company saves Gui Wu 22 days rather in north (Que Vo) beautiful of industrial district building can laser printer project 2 period project, this is the laser printer plant with the at present biggest whole world.

The report says, this project covers an area of a face to accumulate 20 hectare, first phase project is 61000 smooth rice, 2 period the project is 56000 smooth rice. Already arranged obtain employment of worker of 6500 Vietnam labor at present, number of scheduling obtain employment reached 10 thousand person 2011.

The report says, this project just a little period after building go into operation, produce per year a laser printer to be 14.4 million, 35% what total output aux will be able to satisfies world total demand. At present Japanese beautiful can company year 50% what laser printer gross of production holds world total output.