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Forbes: Qiao Busi " mortal " before 5 things that should do
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Guide language: " Forbes " magazine website publishs analytic article to say today, the obituary notice that Zhou San of Peng rich company sends by accident is right malic CEO Steve Qiaobusi (the description of Steve Jobs) is nearly true: He makes computer is used as easily like the phone, heavy model the animation film, factitious number that allows a whole world music is infatuate, turn the telephone call into the pocket of true intelligence computer. But of only mistake is, qiao Busi still living.

2004, qiao Busi ever became surgical operation because of contracting pancreatic cancer, announce already cured. This year in June, after tall cloth addresses on congress of developer of Si Zaiping fruit, angular face caused the outside healthy to its state not of beautiful guess.

Although the obituary notice of Peng rich company is false alarm only, but the Qiaobusi that is 53 years old is in before leaving this world, must want to complete 5 major issues:

1, flat computer

The apple once was alluded, IPod Touch is not the product that this company introduces IPhone exclusively to feel screen interface. Long-term since, the outside figures this one product may be a computer of frivolous online flat that uses feeling screen, suit to get online or watch the video that downloads from malic ITunes shop.

2, TV

Although Forrester Research is in,denied some earlier this year in the report that moment publishs this idea, but include an apple to combine father Steve Wocinike (Steve Wozniak) inside the personage ever suggested malic proper motion designs a TV set, your Apple TV restores vitality. Apple TV is device of box of top of a kind of machine, can transmit the content of malic ITunes directly broadcast to TV.

3, long-range control

For the person that is full of control desire so to Qiaobusi, rolling out nature of long-range control equipment is the temptation that cannot keep out. Forrester Research ever also had similar guess. Actually, the apple had developed similar applied program, can let IPhone and IPod Touch user pass computer of device control character of these two kinds of numbers or Apple TV. Next, the apple may roll out the long-range control equipment that has feeling hold, the center of sitting room of farther occupational number.

4, digital books

Kindle electron reader of Yamaxun lets the user is bought directly through key-press or read the books on the website, the ovation after this product is rolled out. But product of Kindle lack apple is in that way ideal design, the electron is read also lack clever commercial pattern.

5, personal computer

Qiao Busi did not invent mouse and graphical user interface, but he is the person that the first ably union is together however, push its to public marketplace. Although be apart from Qiaobusi to roll out malic machine already 24 years, but we are most the way that the person still wants clavier of have the aid of to input and computer communication. Qiao Busi had rolled out a lot of products that feel an interface, more loving also at bigger, smaller indication screen. This is alluded probably, he had distinctive idea to the new way of man-machine communication interface.
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