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Dai Er opens carry out cheap city is occupied beyond market of United States of
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Cheap PC is the another main market that each big PC manufacturer values in succession, HP, associate the manufacturer such as Ji Jihua large had been rolled out face Chinese etc the PC of rising market. Daier announced to already began to sell the PC that is 20 beyond the United States flying growth or design of rising market country only on August 28.

According to foreign media coverage, IDC analyst manage checks De Ximu (Richard Shim) says: "From the point of the current situation that wear Er, seeking growth opportunity, and beyond market of devoid United States have leading is one of its weaknesses, this action is very significant. This action is very significant..

Daier announces the price of two Vostro jotter that roll out is 480 dollars, additional the price of two table machine is 440 dollars. Dai Er has sold a new PC in 13 countries, plan at was in before the middle ten days of a month in October 20 targets market sells 4 all new PC.