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Asia-Pacific area is 2.4 times fill outfit ink box is former outfit newer
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Singapore, HP (HP) announced the ink box that has in the light of Asia-Pacific area first to print quantity and dependability survey result a few days ago, this survey is by what precede the technology is detected D PSB of ü of V S of orgnaization T ü finishs.

Detect the result shows, ink box of new fill outfit exists in the quantity that print and dependability respect serious problem. Discover through detecting, the printing amount that HP holds ink jet to print ink box formerly is the quantity of ink box of new fill outfit that print 2.4 times () of many 146.7% above, additional, latter fault rate is particularly high also, among them 1/3 (the product of 33.2%) returns existence to arrive namely caustic or service life are brief wait for a problem.

Pass outfit of new to Asia-Pacific area fill and second birth ink box detect discovery, 1/4 above (the product presence of 25.7%) arrives namely caustic (DOA) or service life are brief wait for a problem, under photograph comparing, the property that HP holds ink box formerly is very reliable.

Detect data shows, the printing volume of the second birth that HP installs ink jet to print the printing quantity of ink box to compare Asia-Pacific area formerly and ink box of new fill outfit is one times higher (many 106.6% above) above.

HP prints reach say like Leong Han Kong of vice president of branch of systematic group Asia-Pacific and material of Japanese area bad news: "HP notices already, the consumer of Asia-Pacific area ignored dependability issue when use second birth and new fill install ink box. For this we entrust major to detect the orgnaization carried out this investigation and study, use the potential risk of these products in order to announce, aim to help consumer make more rational buy decision-making. Second birth and the fault rate that new fill holds ink box are very high really, not only the time that can reduce a client and capital use efficiency. Return the confidence that can hit consumer, if things go on like this, will cause damage to printer more, make consumer incur tremendous loss. Make consumer incur tremendous loss..

"Of indebted general of D PSB of ü of T ü V S hold first time in the palm to be in Asia-Pacific area to installed ink box to undertake detecting to second birth and new fill, " D PSB of ü of T ü V S detects assistant of service department vice-president Mr Tan Lee Heng says, "From detect the result looks, the printing volume that the printing amount that HP holds ink jet to print ink box formerly installs ink box than new fill is average 2.4 times taller.