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Japanese manage light costs 1.6 billion dollar to buy American Ikon
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Equipment of Japanese number office produces Shang Liguang Zhou San says, the company plans to cost 1.6 billion dollar to buy Ikon.

Manage light says this trades after finishing, they will be capable to supply more perfect printer and copycat equipment for the enterprise. At the same time manage light thinks this meeting is helpful for the market with company new open up, current, the business market of manage smooth half is to be in Japan, and Ikon basically is managed in the United States, also sell product kimono Wu in Canada and Europe at the same time.

Ikon is the enterprise of equipment of office of etc of a sale and rental copycat, printer. Finish the Ikon after buying to run the subsidiary that serves as Ricoh.

Below the approval that superintends a branch in the United States, Canada and Europe, the board of directors of two companies all same already trade this, and the partner of Ikon people also had reached consensus.

Predict to trade this year the fourth quarter is finished, the Ikon after buying can continue in its Ni Yazhou of standard of headquarters guest evening is managed.

Near future of office equipment market experienced large-scale conformity. Last year, xerox spent annex of 1.5 billion dollar Global Imaging Systems, and some earlier this year moment Konica Minolta opens up endowment the subsidiary that 240 million dollar bought Danka Business Systems to be in the United States.