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6 countries object OOXML becoming international standard to oppugn just sex
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On September 2, according to foreign media coverage, international Organization for Standardization (ISO) is opposite at what the middle ten days of a month rejected 4 members country to put forward in August the appeal that approves Microsoft OOXML to make international standard, this action caused his the intense doubt that 6 members country organizes just sex to this.

Brazil, India, south Africa and Venezuela ever were aimed at OOXML international standard before this voting program has appeal appeal, nevertheless appeal hit international Organization for Standardization and international Electrotechnical Committee (of the following IEC) reject. Afore-mentioned Shikoku think, the international level that held this year in Feburary is voting the conference violates technological process, bring about the in polling finally OOXML that held on April 1 to obtain batch make international standard. International Organization for Standardization already expressed before this, approve formally already " ISO/IEC DIS 29500 " (the official name of OOXML) for international standard. If do not have member country to put forward further appeal, after Committee on Standard is finishing final documentation to handle an order, issue standard of this one international formally inside short time.

Last weekend, the governmental IT organization of 6 countries is in Brazil, south Africa, Venezuela, Ecuadorian, Cuba and Paraguay website of south Africa government (make a statement on say, they already trusted international Organization for Standardization is a bargainor no longer indifferent organization. Statement says: "Although go international Organization for Standardization / standard of international Electrotechnical Committee is regarded as the level that uses inside the government automatically, but apparent is this kind of state general not answer exist " .

Statement still says: "The regulation of flexible quickened OOXML to approve the progress that makes international standard, cause us to pay close attention to strongly. " this that is to say, afore-mentioned 6 countries continue to complain OOXML international standard is voting the program violates technological process, approval rate is too rapid and opaque, bring about OOXML to obtain thereby batch make international standard. Microsoft standard did not obtain international Organization for Standardization to poll first in September last year through, and during those who be in the 2nd round when ended on March 29 is voting, microsoft 贏 gets the support of the voting country of 86% and the country of P class member of 75% . The basis opens the list that documentation association publishs, the country that supports OOXML includes the United States, England, Germany, Japan, the country that turn over 對 includes China, India and Russia.

A lot of communal orgnaizations hope international Organization for Standardization has documentation format standard, cannot open oneself documentation in order to avoid in the future, or it is with paying fee means is opened. International Organization for Standardization organizes blame government organization of composition by the standard of 157 countries. This organization holds water at going up century 40 time.
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