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Irish consumer confidence falls to come to 20 years nadir
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According to Ireland data of central statistic bureau shows, up to by June, sale of Irish retail trade drops 5.2% , achieve came 1987 record. Among them, car market sale drops 14.2% , sale of of all kinds shopping centers drops 0.5% , furniture lamp acts the role of market sale to drop 18.6% , electronic appliance sale drops 10.6% , Stationery books kind sale drops 10.3%. Ireland is first half of the year one of countries that sale of 3 retail trade of European glides, additionally two countries are Italy and Spain. Irish consumer confidence already fell to come to nearly 20 years nadir.

Of consumption level glide cause governmental revenue decrease substantially, only a month reduced 460 million euro July. Up to now, irish taxation already reduced 2.2 billion euro than expecting an end 2008, drop compared to the same period 9% .

Those who be worth to rejoice is, with this year of 1-4 month retail trade acuteness glide to be compared, june coast speed already somewhat slow down. If do not include car market, year consumption level drops speed is 1.8% . Chief economist of company of Mu stock manager says Bulaikesihan, consumption level drops is caused by the element of a lot of respects. "The growth that can control income is masked by high inflation place, in the meantime, rate of bldg. obtain employment falls the atrophy that caused obtain employment market. " additional, he returns a proposal, in view of at present Irish economy worsens continuously now and consumer is in apparent ground cut expenditure, because this government should be in the new one-year budget that published December,put forward to decrease the finance such as duty to urge measure, in order to promote the growth of private sector income.