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Rice paper appears on foreground of industry of paper of Beijing Olympic Games a
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Rice paper appears on the Olympic Games

"The four treasures of the study shows body Olympic Games, be not accidental. " chief tells a reporter related institute of announce city paper. Rank " the four treasures of the study " the rice paper of first, all previous classics 1500 harships vicissitudes of life, regard Chinese tradition as the crackajack delegate of culture, for Beijing " humanitarian Olympic Games " daub shine one layer beautiful badge culture impression.

Papermaking art regards Chinese ancient time as one of 4 big inventions and be famous in the whole world, the method of plant fiber papermaking that invents by Cai Lun develops the Chinese rice paper that evolves, it is a Wen Tian more below. Because use special type data, apply traditional handiwork to copy invent craft, rice paper is had fight ageing, insect-resistant the characteristic such as eat by moth, fast Tibet, be known as " chiliad birthday paper, 10 thousand Zai Cunzhen " .

Be approved formally to be product of region of country of origin by total bureau of national qualitative prison from August 2002, ascend to June 2006 again body state level is immaterial culture bequest directory, rice paper created the legend with Chinese traditional eternal culture. Up to now, county of short for the Jinghe River shares paper of rice paper, painting and calligraphy to process a business many 200, among them rice paper produces a business many 10, from personnel of course of study 10 thousand much person, produce per year paper of rice paper, painting and calligraphy many tons 6000, year achieve sales revenue 200 million yuan, occupy countrywide painting and calligraphy to use the 60 % above of paper, it is base of the throughout the country's biggest manual paper production.

To promote the development of rice paper industry, announce city is declared in the success " the countryside of Chinese the four treasures of the study " on the foundation, held Cultural Festival of travel of two the four treasures of the study early or late, established guild of the first local paper of our country, establish " writing paper inkstone " magazine. Rice paper country of origin county of short for the Jinghe River still established garden of rice paper culture, opened rice paper of ancient magic art to make technology experience swim. Especially since the Olympic Games is declared successfully, rice paper makes caique game early or late tailor-made folding fan makes material with the page inside makings and certificate of all bear the palm, become badge culture to march of Olympic Games grand meeting " vanguard " .

Prospect of the four treasures of the study is good

With " pen, Chinese ink, paper, inkstone " the four treasures of the study that is a delegate, it is Chinese traditional culture and the main carrier with civilized China, also be world science the bright phearl of the bright on culture history. Those who make a person proud is, on opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, these culture gem get wonderful reveal. "Let the world understand Chinese culture, let the four treasures of the study move toward a whole world, this created unprecedented development opportunity to us. " chief says related announce city government.
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