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Company of rich of American media Peng sends obituary notice of malic CEO Qiao B
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Beijing time on August 28 evening news, according to foreign media coverage, yu Benzhou of famous company of rich of Peng of media of finance and economics 3 the fault sent Steve of CEO of an apple company afternoon - of Qiaobusi " not complete " obituary notice, although this obituary notice was deleted quickly, but still be browsed by a lot of netizens.

Qiao Busi was diagnosed to go out 2003 contract pancreatic cancer, but there is not the report that about him the illness worsens recently. Actually, of Peng rich company this kind " mistake " not strange, a lot of mainstream media can get ready for a few anybody beforehand " obituary notice " , so that be when its happening,rapid print hair comes out.

This obituary notice has been obtained by Gawker of guest of rich of American the Eight Diagrams, textual in, so that fill in in the future,Qiao Busi's age and cause of death all are given for nothing. Described as of Qiao Busi of obituary notice general " make personal computer simple like the phone use easily, changed the making technological process of animation film, lead consumer to enter digital music times to make a mobile telephone new coruscate opportunity of survival " person. This is as long as what the obituary notice of 2500 words still included Qiaobusi the competitor compares Er - Gates is right its praise and honor. Return pair of Qiaobusiru why to stop by besides the student grew to do detailed description for the experience of billionaire. Listed even finally the connection means of Qiaobusi's friend, colleague, when happening with easy thing, peng rich company can be in contact these relevant personages for a short while.

A spokesman of Peng rich company expresses, this is them " obituary notice branch " update daily, but their interior did not want to issue this obituary notice come out. Outside the obituary notice pure fix one's mind on that so new York time released 4:27 afternoon, and Peng rich company recalls his quickly also.

Qiao Busi rejects to disclose his healthy condition to the public, but the report calls his pancreatic cancer recently have a recurrence of an old illness.