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Vie psychological do mischief is luxurious stationery is popular
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A new term should begin immediately, size stationer begins again lively rise. In the bazaar of city of hill of Heilongjiang double duck, reporter discovery, pack luxurious stationery this year very popular.

In this stationer, the reporter sees, the luxurious stationery of full of beautiful things in eyes grabs an eye all the more, whenever have student and parent patronage, salesman also is to be recommended to the utmost. These luxurious stationery are designed mostly novel and elegant, provoking and enchanted, but the price does not poor. Cost price 1 yuan of ball-pen, set on sell after outer packing 3 go to 4 yuan, price of odd state rubber is 10 times of rubber commonner almost. Although the price is a bit unusual, but parents are not very care about, hundreds of yuan of very short time were dropped with respect to the flower. The parent: Want the child to like to be forced to buy only.

The controller of shop of stationery of this business mansion tells a reporter, luxurious writing material is the more better in recent years sell, those brief outfit and practical stationery attracts the child very hard now, but after putting on luxuriant appearance to these stationery, differred completely, place goods shelves to be able to draw the child's look. Astute manufacturer also is to feel this kind of mentality that showed parents, mount old write an essay is included in stationery, make present stationery more and more luxurious, the price is higher and higher, market however a bit need not anxious.

Face " luxurious " of stationery popular, educational expert thinks, luxurious stationery is popular, often be the child vie psychology is in do mischief, the parent should treat tendency of this kind of psychology cautiously, notice the guiding to the child, cannot make endless concessions.