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Fuji applies happy Asia-Pacific area to print business 4 years to grow 570%
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The person that the whole world prints technical leader and innovation- - Fuji uses Le Xuan cloth: Fuji applies happy printer business to be in Asia-Pacific area is successive 4 annual and compound growth all are amounted to 49% . Since 2004, since Fuji Shi Le will print business fractionize and entering the market as independent product line, 4 years accumulative total grows 570% . The successful strategy that Fuji of profit from of this one achievement uses Le Liang to good business is run and insist to be a center with the client.

Fuji applies James Henderson of general manager of division of happy printer Asia-Pacific to express, "In each business the domain accumulated a lot of successful experience since Fuji Shi Le is long-term, we should depend on these experience namely, the clingy user demand, client base that builds loyalty consolidates ceaselessly, make the user purchases Shi Le of Fuji of first selection of the meeting when printer again thereby. Make the user purchases Shi Le of Fuji of first selection of the meeting when printer again thereby..

Fuji applies happy printer to begin to carry out from 2006 " client the first " plan, this one plan is market fractionize 5 domains: Small-sized office / SOHO office, medium and small businesses, big client, government and Yin Yi industry. Market of these 5 fractionize all used different sale / sale strategy, supply chain management and after service. Because this is buying Fuji to use the user of happy printer group in, the old client that buys 2 times holds very large proportion. Additional, fuji applies happy printer to having good dependability and wear, additional value is high. Fuji Shi Le still can offer integral solution for the user of all sorts of dimensions, if Auditron prints administrative function,wait.

To satisfy different requirement of the client, fuji Shi Le is in China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and United States to set the shop of manufacturing printer and bad news material, undertake be controllinged strictly to product quality. In addition, the company is met every year use year of income of about 10% at technology and product research and development, in order to consolidate Fuji uses the position of happy technical leader.

"Fuji Shi Leneng serves from client of product selection, individuation quite and the respect such as product quality brings value for the client, this also is the reason that the client is willing to choose Fuji to use happy printer again. Use happy printer through using Fuji, the client is able to appreciate Fuji to use happy technical innovation ability and powerful brand actual strength. " Mr Herderson complements, "Current success makes clear, client special the commitment that the brand that approves us and Fuji Shi Le bring for its and value, future we still can continue to maintain this develop momentum goodly, extend our business ceaselessly! Extend our business ceaselessly!!

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