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Advanced printer aids egg company to optimize pull current Cheng
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"The solution of Mnetics company raised our traceability. Also conduce to at the same time make we make a mistake less. Also conduce to at the same time make we make a mistake less..

Egg much time is little

Regard England as the biggest egg production and sale company, deansFoods needs to process many 6000 egg every week, supply bright egg to all and main supermarket. The manufacturing business part that this involves what become independent from hundreds to already signed a contract with DeansFoods collects an egg, undertake classificationing to the egg next, all jobs are abided by " LionCodeofPractice " , finish inside several hours, so that deliver the goods in time,continue to collect an egg in returning way.

DeansFoods company once tried to raise an egg to classification the productivity of jockey, these jockey are opposite before the egg classifications, must input the code related to the egg. To improve flow, deansFoods company carried out a solution, it includes an applied program that faces a driver, this program can be in of hard usage hold terminal is used at printing money with dish move on the printer of the hard usage of label and delivery receipt. DeansFoods company and Mnetics of provider of mobile computation solution undertook arrange with (this company bear calls hand-held automatic data the business system that collects equipment market to go up provides an expert) , what provided printer of an use Zebra®QL420 and Zebra®Encore4 printer for its by Mnetics is one-stop solution.


Offer money to satisfy a company to be opposite the demand with increasingly strong traceability, deansFoods need receives automation of the implementation in egg flow in its in order to gain cost advantage. 50 drivers produce trade department to collect an egg from the several a hunderd schools of British each district everyday, subsequently, one of 7 when be in a company centers that pack undertake machining to the egg that collects. Before this, undertaking dogging to the egg is to pass handiwork (need to use paper) those who finish, must use bill of one type triplet. The driver is in charge of ensuring the information such as the manufacturing trade name on every bill, manufacturing unit name that lays an egg, amount collecting an egg, date yield an egg is very complete. This job is cost already, easy make mistake.

Additional, deansFoods ever also wanted to improve productivity and decrease classification the transcribe that jockey place makes is wrong, before because undertaking,classificationing, must input the code related to every batches of eggs by jockey.


DeansFoods company once had tried to carry out ameliorable the solution of these flow, but prove an abortion, then it and company of Mnetics of provider of mobile computation solution undertake arrange with, the hope obtains their help. Mnetics company is DeansFoods " the quantity is ordered personally make " a solution, it includes an applied program that faces a driver, this program can be in the hand-held terminal of hard usage (if move on SymbolPDT2800) , so that scanning includes the bar code of information of location of each production unit. The driver records the amount that produces unit place to collect an egg from each in every date yield an egg next, use use convenient, the printer of hard usage (ZebraQL420) prints a label.
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