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Cleaner of solvent printing ink comes out
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Carry pair of aluminous research, of American Harper company pressworked to rolled out product of cleanness of a new-style printing ink a few days ago with company of coating supplier Harperscientific- - AltrawashBlue. This product it is reported very environmental protection, it is muti_function UV and cleaner of printing ink of dissolve the form of a drug, to using what aluminium makes generally to presswork reticulation roller is not had corrode action.

Harperscientific company says AltrawashBlue is one condenses model printing ink cleaner, can be in voltage scrub system, immerse in ultrasonic trough is being reached in groove, undertake printing ink is cleaned. At the same time this product also can be used to do reticulation roller cleanness implement, also have very strong clean result to forme.

The PH value of AltrawashBlue cleaner is 11.8. According to saying, because the activator of its surface gives content and the chemical material that produce a harm to surroundings without use oil heat up in a steamer, so very environmental protection.

Biology can decompose this kind of cleaner, low VOC product, have low evaporate quality. But by the product of water dilute by the container of Harperscientific company professional standards full-dress sale, what 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon reach 55 gallon norms is pack.