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The tired service shrink of jotter experience low is torturous market prospect
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Drop off slowly as summertime high temperature, each PC heat of big manufacturer closed to 2008 also gradually cease all activities, look round the heat hurried this year, the notebook computer product of a lot of manufacturer has really on the price substantially glide, price swarms into the market in great quantities under 4000 yuan notebook computer, amount to about a hundred. But also a lot of consumer express, low jotter serves quality " shrink " the phenomenon is serious. The personage inside course of study is to express more, if be premise to popularize low notebook computer with sacrificial function and profit, so the prosperity of this market will last very hard.

Low jotter already became a trend

In Beijing ZhongGuanCun each person that big electron sells log understands, the price of 3000 yuan of less than can buy computer of a notebook. The personage inside course of study expresses, although notebook computer depreciates,accord with the market to expand demand, but for occupational market, manufacturer thering is no lack of adopts the means of sacrificial profit and product function to achieve the goal that lowers price.

The reporter sees in the website of computer of notebook of a sale, 4000 yuan of the following notebook computer amount to 100, the price of several notebook computer of the brand such as divine boat, 7 happy event, Great Wall is less than 3000 yuan even. Took notes in August 2008 according to consuming survey center ZDC to be opposite the monitoring result that the price of our market goes situation situation to undertake shows, in August 2008, the price of 357 products reduces 18 manufacturers, bring about integral market value to fall achieve 1.08 percent. And as termed begins in September the arrival that buys this busy season, each are big the manufacturer terms begins have the aid of spread out new round depreciate activity, market price case falls will increase further.

The reporter also discovers at the same time, of on the market a lot of old brands depreciate policy appears is not so shock, maintain basically what control in 4000 yuan is horizontal on. It is reported, the price of R620 of Founder science and technology falls to be controlled to 4000 yuan, associate the rising sun the price of 410 falls to be controlled to 4000 yuan, tide of Toshiba follow closely rolls out the notebook computer of 4000 yuan of or so price, dai Er also will begin to produce 4000 yuan of low notebook computer of the left and right sides; Show according to data of market survey orgnaization, the average price of global notebook computer had fallen to be controlled to 1111 dollars last year, this one price is less than 1998 the half of 2618 dollars value.

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