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Soft hold concurrently forcedly who to break to stall projector popularizes a fo
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Can serve bird's nest opening ceremony, small can reside the home to see a movie, the office edge tool on the career, the recreational center in the family... the layer upon layer face that the projector in becoming aware actually has walked into the life, the trend that same umbriferous and final large area replaces product of traditional business affairs, education, recreation is already apparent. But at present umbriferous market of 8 years makes clear, the sale of projector still " grow steadily " , this lets the personage inside partial course of study be surprised, it is what block up after all the development speed of projector, make its cannot appear does leap leap even the advancement of type?

Speak of this topic, we on more character that put the view in the product, instead oversight the weakness of umbriferous product soft, also oversight of umbriferous product " the environment is affected " , and probably " soft environment " insufficient ability is umbriferous product is real " hurt forcedly " . Change character, umbriferous progress is slow, because,be probably " soft hold concurrently forcedly break " .

Soft is not worth one of frame too big

The sales volume of projector does not have qualitative change, can saying basically is projector was not accomplished all the time drop frame work, the user that has demand more very much even does not know this product can do so much business. The largest this year issue is an Olympic Games, for the Olympic Games we arrive from application preparation, it may be said goes all lengths, and be weighed for " card of the first gold nugget " the successful it may be said of the opening ceremony is all-time, even " never to be seen again " .

The talent that Zhang Yi seeks is admittedly respected, but regard backstage as the hero, division inspect contributed product of about 150 high end, besides order of a piece of a huge sum, more recognition are to come from industry, probably project machine is very far from us. But after CCTV opens channel of high-definition direct seeding, also did not bring fast growth to projector sale, looked not to understand a bit. Same flat TV sweeps the haze first half of the year however, earn basin full earthen bowl is full, such reality is worth while and thoughtful.

To market of family expenses projector, the action of the Olympic Games is active certainly, and see one spot from the sale of flat TV to big screen and high-definition pursuit, so we cannot say consumer does not have the demand of this respect, however where is the need that we cannot guide consumer to make them true understand them, if this moment manufacturer has enough propagandist strength, even if be the occurrence of store of image of a few brands, believe to be able to let whole projector industry can be benefited.