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Hold crucial amount compound machine market is walked out of low fan
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In last few years, change as the number, the rapid development of network, imitate copycat because on the technology restrict, cannot catch up with more and more the demand of modern office, the digital copycat that can realize network begins to enter the market and rapid development rises. However, from the point of whole market performance, although sale status is rising steadily all the time, but as a result of the competition between each manufacturer and the existence of all sorts of adverse elements, make whole market structure still flabby thereby calm, had appeared even short-term is low confuse a condition. "Imitate copycat will walk out of historical arena, compound machine leads the number the market " this has been a fact, however, how can just go firmlier, go further, this to the manufacturer it is have a challenge greatly very much. Nevertheless, the challenge is meant have opportunity, wanted to hold a key only, the success is not far also.

One, chromatic market potential is tremendous

Color regards the competition of company of current office equipment as core, attracting manufacturer and client pay close attention to increasingly. "Strengthen chromatic number the market promotion of compound machine, bigger market share is acquired in market of Chinese color machine, will be one of targets of main market of grain optical company. " truth is bare (China) market of investment limited company and sale assist abundant of gold of department general manager to be in early the news briefing 2007 shows such determination.

In fact, from the point of the international market, color has gained ground quite in the application on business affairs. Actually, in the international market, chromatic business affairs uses special already maturity. Data shows, compound machine scale exceeds amount of Japanese market color 50% , compound machine color spends European market amount scale exceeds 30% , compound machine scale also is in American color number to rise quickly. And be in China, price element is restricting the advent of times of chromatic business affairs all the time.

Nevertheless, in recent years, chinese economy and world economy conform stage by stage, the enterprise is in modern office process, change to color, the number is changed, high speed is changed, the documentation output demand of network increases ceaselessly. In realise chromatic number is compound after the apparent profit that the equipment such as compound machine brings laser of machine, color, chinese enterprise is to chromatic business affairs the self-identity of this one concept spends productivity to promote quickly. In effective demand drive below, a lot of China enterprises launched active attempt, obtained favorable result. Make in a variety of elements below, china " times of chromatic business affairs " had come. As the fall of compound machine price, compound machine begins chromatic number step down altar to also make heart of numerous medium and small businesses extremely urticant. IDA data shows, volume of shipment of compound machine market is maintaining number of Chinese A3 color to rise situation breathtakingly, 6 years the increase rate of 4 quarters all is 250% to 362% , 7 years the increase rate of 4 quarters is 40% to 118% , seeing a company thereby is to demand market of color how giant.
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