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Contradictory much storage sells furniture industry chain continuously kill a ti
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Industry of furniture of China of turn one's head grows nearly a few years, market sale pattern is fundamental it is to be in rent the form that make to fall, the industry that prop up grows today's 3 big board piece: Manufacturing business, agency, sell the contradiction of field to be in all the time continuously, and carry all sorts of kind seek a balance severally. Meanwhile, the exploration of all sorts of trade pattern also had not stopped. Storage is sold continuously, this kind is in abroad all the time very the mode of be current, appear at striding China eventually in recent years give a kind of lease of life. The pattern that storage sells continuously manages mode relative to traditional household and character, just do not sell a kind of complement of field to the tradition, still be trend of a kind of mainstream is budding. The storage that is a delegate with Beijing room library is sold continuously, the country in be being become ranks state of a kind of when driving vitality shows in current job burgeoning course of study.

The personage inside course of study says, storage is sold continuously, chop went furniture is current the cost of cost of high specified number of the intermediate link in the domain, consumer arrives storeroom is direct the choose and buy is high grade and cheap furniture, manufacturer can arrive with free rent storehouse and office space, it creates current to conventional furniture job huge impact.

Industrial chain contradiction emerges in endlessly

As raw material of international home furniture, manufacturing facilities price rises ceaselessly, manufacturer is facing enormous pressure, and face opposite produces the intense with each passing day competition between the enterprise, each production company must accelerate the rate of research and development of new products plan again, must to develop new sale channel is mixed raise sales volume to give massive effort, high pay invites personnel of senior administrator, plan, throw a large number of advertisement, attend exhibit meeting, seek advantage agent to make charge twice grows etc, the scale that causes expenses of the manufacturing cost that produces a business, operation and company profit is serious and maladjusted.

Exit turns the concussion of sale in domestic market makes the development of new market is to step forward more dimension difficult, be in especially market of a gleam of, encounter suit sell without proper place, find exhibit suitably flinch to rack-rent again, although enter,sell field is following one by one is to sell a slashing management item, original already very meager gain by layer upon layer cut down, the profit that leaves manufacturer is little little, again together with the price war between each congener product agency, it is to make more manufacturer one disaster after another. At present embellish of annual interest of domestic household market is in of a 100 million above not less than 50, of 10 100 million above not less than 10, market investment just is enjoying the huge profit that tall hire brings, relative to profit far outclass produces enterprise and brand agent, and hire grows at will at any time, bring about the market to develop lopsided sex.
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