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Chromatic number is compound 2009 the first year of an era or the reign of an em
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2008, when we examine chromatic office market, the market that discovers a high speed grows appears sadly, storm of a blowout is brewing in.

All things all has, good chance of be pregnant with of chromatic office market

The research data of university of American Chicago Loyola makes clear, chromatic file can make read speed and read durable power to raise 78 % , make comprehension enhances 73 % . Chromatic file conduces to promotion company image and affinity not only, and aggrandizement the conviction of the file. From the point of the development trend of office demand, chromatic number compound machine nots allow in the latent capacity of domestic office market small inspect.

Pay close attention to as technical maturity and the abidance to user demand, each manufacturer early begin to be in price of product function, bulk, sex undertakes improvement than waiting for a respect. At this late hour, chromatic number compound machine is not the high-end equipment that large company ability enjoys already. 2006, fuji Shi Le took the lead in rolling out number of color of an introduction class compound machine DocuCentre-II C3000, got the general welcome of small and medium sized business; Subsequently, beautiful can, the chromatic number that the manufacturer also rolled out the OA such as manage light, Xia Pu to be aimed at user of medium and small businesses eagerly is compound machine.

Chromatic office got more and more enterprises pay close attention to, and compound machine begins chromatic number step down altar to also make heart of numerous medium and small businesses extremely urticant. IDC data shows, volume of shipment of compound machine market is maintaining number of Chinese A3 color to rise situation breathtakingly, 6 years the increase rate of 4 quarters all is 250% to 362% , 7 years the increase rate of 4 quarters is 40% to 118% , " span the file big country that type develops " brewing number of a color the blowout storm of compound machine.

4 big keywords, shortly of blowout of chromatic office market

As the society big setting and enterprise use environmental variation, office market is compound to chromatic number the requirement of machine has been high quality not just and muti_function, the thoroughly remould oneself with quality product appears more important. Environmental protection, appreciation, human nature is changed and serve 4 big keywords to will make chromatic number the crucial point that compound machine achieves blowout type to grow in prospective office market.

Keyword 1: Environmental protection

Environmental protection has become what whether the enterprise has responsibility heart to measure a level, also make one of standards of product of consumer choose and buy.

Ministry of our country environmental protection was announced 2006 first " governmental green purchases detailed account " , fuji imposes happy, fine can, Fuji is connected, on a list of names posted up of enterprise waiting for IT famous. Announced 2008 " governmental green purchases detailed account " in, fuji Shi Le again selected, pile up the main force that environmental protection holds to in compound machine market into amount to. Among them compound machine still carried the number of Fuji Shi Le the attestation of multinomial international authority such as the star of the sources of energy of European environmental protection, international, got the favour of government organization and numerous enterprise. Environmental protection, had become a manufacturer to promote a product an orientation of competition ability, also become the issue that product of user choose and buy cares most at the same time.
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