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Group management software shows tide of 3 big trends to get army home market
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Recently, advisory and newest data shows Sai Di of orgnaization of survey of domestic authoritative market, software of management of tide ERP group has rate firm house in home market the first, continue to get run home market, with the domestic and international management such as friendly, Jin Die, SAP, Oracle software firm ranks ever since. And the good news that just transmits from tide group shows tide ERP is in again the integral actual strength of this domain: Group of construction of traffic of China of enterprise of state-owned capital construction and tide group sign the oversize that Chinese head home realizes what the whole outside the condition appears on the market formally about, experience capital specified number exceeds ten million yuan. So far, 500 strong China of world of 5 ascend body build a business in, the iron in already having China, China iron is built, in be mixed group spreads out comprehensive collaboration 3 times with tide ERP.

In market respect, tide, begin to hold dominant position with the domestic manufacturer such as friend. Especially tide, regard group business management as software get army manufacturer, its product supplies share of market of domain of intelligence of business affairs of catenary, group to rank in group finance affairs, group the first, in whole group administrative software market ranks the first place. While tide is bringing collar height to carry, the industry expands product development, GS of product of ERP of its high end is in lead position in the many industries such as medicine, chemical industry, war industry, the sources of energy, provide software and service for client of group of numerous industry high end. Tide depends on the high end that accumulates for years and industry dominant position to have very expensive product in market of group management software famous spend and beautiful praise degree, guide the foreign army group that turns manufacturer and SAP, Oracle to be a delegate with this locality such as friendly, Jin Die to develop intense competition.

In product side, the domestic manufacturer such as tide had accumulated rich administrative experience in group management field, software product has enclothed resource of labor power of group financial management, group, group to supply management of risk of catenary and intelligence of group business affairs, group to wait for numerous business domain.

Sai Di adviser considers to show, market of group management software presented rapid development state 2007, overall dimensions achieves 1.533 billion yuan, compare increase rate was achieved 2006 19.4% , the exterior competition pressure that the impulsion of growth basically comes from group company is increasingly intense, the hope improves the administrative efficiency of group company further through increasing the investment of informatization. Predict to 2012 market of software of group business management will achieve 3.243 billion yuan.

The informatization through 10 years several is built, on business government level group finance affairs focuses management already relatively general, 5 years the group supplies future chain management, manpower resource management will replace financial management to become new growth heat, in the meantime, what manage a deploy as business is mature with each passing day, to manage decision-making layer construction laid a foundation, the way that prospective group company invests will run software by original business to the management of higher administrative levels decision-making software is transferred, with better serve for business management layer.  
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