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Bad news material depreciates big fight of cost of Chu Louduan Ni is about to pe
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Review 2007 up to now low end does public facilities market, no matter be black and white laser printer or ink jet product, persistent price great war brought not little material benefit to consumer indeed, however what from depreciating backside we see is each be in between old brand the intense rate that low end competes on the market. 2007 although competition is intense, still can be in support a few old products and minority are tasted newly will pound the market, can arrive 2008, each are big of the brand if emerge like tidewater,taste newly, appear on the market with low, the application of new technology improved the performance of competitive product not only, and also make a product sell one of sites. These are exterior phenomena merely just, each are actually big the brand is thinking method to contend for an user.

So is the feedback of consumer what kind of? Face substantial office product line, cheaper and cheaper office equipment also got the attention of consumer, so does body have show on the sales volume of printer now how? 2008 first quarter, sales volume of whole of Chinese market printer is 1.855 million, grow 1.5% than the corresponding period is small 2007, but sales volume of ink jet printer glided however 3% , 2008 the 2nd quarter, chinese market sells printer in all one million nine hundred and forty-one thousand nine hundred, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2007 drop 1.7% . the market that to China a such demand promote ceaselessly, although product value is in,reduce ceaselessly, but the sales volume of printer has appeared come amplitude is slow the trend that drops even, this one phenomenon tastes a manufacturer to each office and character, it is in competition intense environment issues one disaster after another undoubtedly.

Will see each again how is old brand to undertake answering? Whatever moment, the technology is productivity, reflect likewise such on printer, each are big the brand still is studying actively new technology, strive surpasses rival on the product, additional, the price that carries level sex adjusts strategy, can promote product attention to spend likewise, still have each old brand rolls out the amount that tastes newly and frequency also rising, especially HP and beautiful can the brand with the biggest market of this two big impacts.

How to if whole market sales volume continues to glide,do? This severe problem has been placed in each before old brand, and how can just continue enlarge market share, pure had reflected the result with more outstanding short of in the make an issue of on printer, purchase from consumer however in light of, the price is basic and constant the key that the changeless raw material that hold cost just is a problem.

HP is in September 10, 2008 taste a news briefing newly to go up, "Single page cost 1 wool 4 " the subject that becomes HP conduct propaganda to be tasted newly, this shows, market of printer of contention ink jet is next probable the will pure cost big fight that evolves into bad news material by printer price war. Why to meet so think?
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