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Web3.0 provides the personalized group that is based on user preference
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The greatest value of Web3.0 is not to provide information, offer the filter that is based on diverse demand however, filter of avery kind of is based on demand of a market. If say Web2.0 solved the problem that individual character liberates, so the problem that Web3.0 solves information society mechanism namely, namely the problem of optimization information group.

" new York Times " JohnMarkoff of commercial column reporter ever wrote in an article: "People perhaps says to Web3.0 the commercial interest that is semantic net is showing in protruding. " although this word did not give out to be defined clearly to Web3.0, but anyway, this one concept is in semantic net " NewYorkTimes " commercial column appears mediumly, we also saw development trend of future.

Semantic net (of SemanticWeb)

Say simply, semantic net is a kind of intelligence network that can understand human language, it not only the language that can understand the mankind, and still can make the communication between person and computer becomes relaxed like communicating between person and person.

Semantic net will make the mankind is put from the solution in the heavy work that searchs relevant webpage. Because the computer in the net can use his intelligent software, when searching the webpage of tens of thousands of, through " intelligence acts as agent " choose pertinent useful information from which. And unlike present World-Wide-Web, give the no use of tens of thousands of to search a result to your enumerate only.

Current, in RDF(ResourceDescriptionFramework, resource describes frame) with OWL(WebOntologyLanguage, network substance language) below support, semantic net has been become can firmly is built-in and existing webpage and the new science and technology that knowledge of can perfect RDF lays in, and its concept rudiment but before date from comes 10 years.

1998, timBerners-Lee offerred the concept of semantic net. A few people think it is about AI(artificial intelligence) , another part person thinks it is more is about linguistics, still a few people think it is about data annotate. And Vicki 100 divisions gave out to semantic net such definition: One kind uses the kind that can be understood by computer to depict the network of the thing. Actually, as the one part of AI, the range that semantic net involves should be mix around the move understanding to ego right related to us the understanding of data. So, people is developing Web or ceaseless geoscience reviews in the process of research AI and understand semantic net.

On Web, we had seen the commercial pattern of a few successes, if the each other of a resource of Netscape building enjoys an environment, the market dominant position of Amazon and EBay, and the website advertisement mode of Yahoo and Google. Resource is shared bring us unprecedented change, nevertheless this kind shares spirit to cause appearance of so called long end possibly also. Cite a case that buys a book, in each important niche recommends big website won't be the book that had better sell, but spend paragraph of time, the sales volume of these books rises with respect to can sharp violent wind, exceed a few popular workses far even. In this one process, the link is the engine that lets search engine to work truly, AI application process must contact ability to create wealth for us with other thing. If regard its as a kind of tool only, will get the user favors very hard. Accordingly, to AI, intelligent equipment has epoch-making sense, and it how use these tools to will become is more important to how use these tools to will become.
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