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Development of electronic reader market is overwhelm
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Occupy what announced in April 2006 " the 4th times countrywide countryman reads investigation " , read on the net rate from L999 year 3. 7 % grow quickly 2005 27. 8 % , year average increase rate is 107 % . As the development of network technology and IT, people more and more be used to search information read from Internet use, the electron is read took common popular life gradually, pounding people 2000 come for years paper quality reads traditional habit. Reader from " paper quality is read " to " the electron is read " transition, the Information Industry publishs mode to already became hasten of general trends place to network mode transition by traditional paper quality.

However, the reader place of electronic information uses reading terminal is PC, mobile phone, MP4 mostly, review recently 9 years new the MP4 that appear on the market, PDA, PSP, discover these products increased the electronic book function of format of EXE, TXT newly not hard. Visible, warm up gradually as electronic reading, the manufacturer has begun to cater to vogue. But a current situation that cannot ignore is placed before, read the effect and paper agency to differ very far, small and screen is long liquid crystal screen reads brought eye unwell, ability of batteries add boat is poor, a variety of file format each other are incompatible these terminal unit avoid wait for a problem hard, brought a lot of worries for the reader. No matter be MP4 or PDA, PSP, the function with these the mainest products is not an electron after all read. Accordingly, one kind is close to read a habit, the electronic reader that kind of paper reads the result appears, perhaps hopeful solves afore-mentioned problems truly. Then, square portable belt, electric power is durable, in order to let a person comfortable long book of reading major electron (this) became the sunny property that is valued by a lot of people.

Electronic reader makes sunny industry

Electronic reader is one kind is held read an electron from the line this special device, namely ElectronicBook, abbreviation E, Book. It uses electronic paper technology commonly, design to read books only, have screen video, the buying that can go to the lavatory from Internet reachs download electron books, and have the memory of high capacity can store a large number of information, accomplish mobile library truly. Electronic reader is portable, use easily, the characteristic of high capacity suits very much contemporary unfamiliar word. From technical angle for, electronic ink namely E, Ink technology, it is current book of electron of course of study of each three-year institution of higher learning (this) the manufacturer contends for the technology that uses, also be the way that future develops inside period of time. According to introducing, the advantage of this one technology depends on, it is to use the hollow of grain to undertake reflexing, and the prepared Chinese ink that imprints on paper also is to pass radial reflex. Accordingly from theoretic tell, apply the matrix just the same of the indication screen of E-ink technology and paper, with paper read the effect to also be close to very much, without the perspective, without active illuminant, look clearer, dimensional power is higher.
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