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Business affairs gush is hit, good luck is in market of small and medium sized b
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The development of user of Chinese medium and small businesses is very rapid, annual the amount of medium and small businesses increases by degrees with 15% right-and-left amounts, at present gross of domestic medium and small businesses has exceeded 40 million, and this one word still will grow 50 million 2012. Old informatization works drive make the informatization construction of medium and small businesses had had very great progress. Accompany what be in China as 8 years of Olympic Games to hold, in Olympic Games economy drive, informatization construction is sure to enter a brand-new phase, informatization of medium and small businesses had formed a kind of overwhelm force. No matter be opposite who, market of small and medium sized business is the big cake of an everybody greedy saliva. Current, the laser printer can develop to dig market of small and medium sized business greatly so quickly with it Mibukaike is divided. Nevertheless, compare a laser printer, the author feels business affairs gush hits the market to there can be better play in small and medium sized business more, the key is to see it how ground deep ploughing.

One, channel is very important

alleged " the person that get channel gets the world " , hit to business affairs gush for, good channel is the main factor that decides success or failure. Before a few years, business affairs gush hits a concept to had been put forward, but the rate that is accepted by the market however extremely slow. Among them reason is the problem of the user on one hand, also have the problem of manufacturer oneself on the other hand. From the user for, at present printer user has mature one side: No longer the conduct propaganda of the manufacturer buys pure basis product; Also have immature one side: Buy a product to cannot consider all sorts of use factors integratedly. From firm point of view for, the firm should not locate according to the product user: What kind of product is to sell what kind of user group; Should locate however according to user psychology product: The user suits to use which kind of my product, offer corresponding product according to user demand. Confront the company of disparate industry, the likelihood needs to plan the product of different client program and form a complete set, need sale channel provides more earlier investment. Business affairs gush is hit want to be harvested somewhat in market of medium and small businesses, must many early days accumulates the job and later period investment, but will look from current market condition, throw the agency that printer of medium and small businesses sells, investment yields not taller than great majority.

Medium and small businesses is in the primary level of development commonly as a result of oneself, because this purchases a respect in the product, the price is chief consideration factor, at the same time requirement product has good performance advantage. Enterprise dimensions decided to purchase an amount general less, the random sex that purchases behavior is bigger. User of medium and small businesses is willing to accept more " public praise travels " promotion means. It is the friend introduction all round oneself no matter, still be the success application case inside the industry, user of medium and small businesses hopes to be able to see practical effect, and they take office cost seriously very much purchase a habit, also make the difficulty that gets later period profit taller than big company many. In addition, medium and small businesses is had distributing medicinal powder, purchase hidebound characteristic, this decided agency must throw cost of many manpower material resources to concern in order to service good client, but such let agency feel again " profitless " , abandon the management to this market thereby. How distribution channel, this is special key battle.
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