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Is the market taken to replace traditional copycat what course to follow?
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"Intelligence changes color " the new way that office will be prospective development, and the copycat of traditional imitate technology satisfies this one requirement very hard, in the number below the concussion of digital technology then compound machine appears, and at that time traditional imitate copycat is in the office medium position shakes gradually, appeared the declining tendency of nearing one's ends, nowadays more gradually by the number compound machine is taken for its position, make product of new generation duplicate. The market by occupational, the position is replaced, traditional imitate copycat what course to follow?

One, traditional copycat is replaced

We can have turned round to look in last few years imitate copycat is in the market share that place of chinese mainland market holds: 2002, imitate copycat sales volume is one hundred and forty-eight thousand one hundred, 57.7% what hold share of whole copycat market. This moment, compound opportunity just arises the number to be not worth two years, as a result of its price bottleneck restrict, hold the market share of 42.3% only, but face south as round of firstborn, also saying to go up is gloriously radiant. To 2004, as integral market demand expand, the total sales volume of copycat already exceeded 318 thousand, and what imitate copycat occupies scale to glide however to 27.49% , increase rate is - 38.87% . Came 2006 2008, the manufacturer home of copycat turns business centre of gravity to the number on compound machine, each copycat manufacturer stops basically to produce imitate copycat, only a few manufacturer such as Toshiba, Xia Pu stays have a few, of throw on the market of the others brand is digital copycat entirely. In these two years, number what right now imitate copycat takes compound chance market share is already special and finite.

See not hard, imitate copycat is in had arrived to retire partly in fact condition. As a result of technical condition restrict, compared with the number compound machine this promising young person, imitate copycat arrived really unable to do what one wants very much to do degree. Since be us,consumer is undertaking choosing, so the angle that is based on consumer, from quality, function, operation the respect such as gender, cost analyses young number compound machine has what advantage, so that be inside so short time, large-scale substituent imitate copycat. According to estimation, replace imitate copycat in the round in opportunity of duplicate of the number after coming 3 years two. And in light of the sale status from this year, digital copycat had held the market share of near 90% , this also indicates a move in chess or a movement in wushu piles up copycat to leave the day that replaces imitate copycat in the round not far.

2, is the road in He Fang?

A few departments that there is many company, plant on the market at present use the pattern that copycat hires to obtain its to use value, the purpose itself that such doing is mixed for managing cost namely convenient safeguard. And it is cheaper that a brand-new imitate copycat wants more compound than used number chance on the price that rent, be based on the mature technique with imitate old copycat, in safeguard go up to also go to the lavatory quite, so business of a few services also is happy to rent imitate copycat.
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