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Is stylus printer of infestation of ink jet, laser already a spent force?
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Printer regards the mainest output of all sorts of computers as one of equipment, get greater progress as the development of computer technology and perfect with each passing day user demand. Especially in recent years, printer technology obtained greater progress, all sorts of new-style and practical printer emerge as the times require, change before the situation of stylus printer unify the whole country. Current, printer of stylus printer, ink jet, laser printer was formed in printer domain situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, but in recent years ink jet and laser printer got rapid development, this both because the operation is simple, convenient,mix again noise is lesser wait for an advantage more and more those who get an user love, below such circumstance, very much professional personage states the stylus printer already was a spent force, replace the laser printer that be mixed by ink jet very quickly, is the fact really such?

Once the stylus printer with infinite scene

Review the development history of printer, can see the development trend of printer clearly: Arrive from stroke type blame stroke type, from black and white to color, arrive from single function muti_function. The phylogeny from printer can see, be in some earlier year, the market that print can say the world that is a stylus printer completely, be in China especially the market, the stylus printer is occupational all the time the dominant position of the market, brilliant and infinite.

Mention stylus printer, no matter who most propbably is, the history that wants pair of printer only has knowledge a bit, with respect to the EPSONLQ-1600K since the talk that engulfs market of whole China printer, in turn up his nose at all the time inside 10 years full the brilliant history of a large number of heroes. Handle among them trade to those bodies especially for wife person, the brilliant military successes of LQ-1600K makes them at that time take delight in talking about, also let them feel a pity. Really, a stylus printer is actually on Chinese market brilliant 10 years, make its competitor is without counteractive ability not only, still make the type of a few succeed of its oneself also is defeated in succession below blast come. This showed a changeless truth: The demand decision of the market produces tasted promoting to decline. So, a what kind of product does the market nowadays need again?

Ink jet, laser printer becomes the protagonist of the market

In 90 time evening, completed its history eventually with the printer that the PC starts at the same time change, printer of chromatic ink jet and laser printer begin to become the protagonist of printer market. For a short while, printer of chromatic ink jet and laser printer blot out the sky and cover up the earth, and the product is updated ceaselessly. The tastes newly shifts be sent on a diplomatic mission to get printer of chromatic ink jet and laser printer ceaselessly momentum inside short time had built a stylus printer completely, portion is in the market of the stylus printer to drop ceaselessly.
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