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Antagonism is black and white stimulate dozen of business affairs ink jet when t
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Antagonism of ink jet of ● business affairs is black and white stimulate dozen of origin

All the time since, ink jet printer and laser printer differ as a result of what go up in the technology, group of fixed position user is so independent, the state of affairs of jackknife is very little, and inside period of time, ink jet printer and black and white laser printer produce respective advantage, combination is tie-in, offer the solution that place of only fund product cannot offer for the user jointly, but the day with ink jet printer and so harmonious and concomitant laser printer did not last very long.

HP put forward business to use the concept of ink jet printer between one's early years, because HP also holds lion's share of market of black and white laser printer at the same time, this one concept did not get extensive promotion at first, but become however appear now business affairs ink jet and black and white the fuse that stimulates dozen of straight face competition.

The concept of business affairs ink jet from 2007 begin up to now, got the brunt of a few old brands is popularized, the promotion of business gush strategy that loves general to be born among them is most apparent, after cutting laser product line, aipusheng puts total energy on research and development of ink jet printer and promotion, to contend for market share, the group of business affairs office with user the largest amount becomes Aipusheng's target, at the same time HP also the advantage on brand of have the aid of and product begins to do his utmost to extend business gush product, for example K5400dn is the product with a very strong competition ability.

Meanwhile, give birth to one of manufacturers as the biggest ink jet printer, beautiful can do not have a watch in safety while others fight, active also participation comes in the promotion of business gush, can release in 8 years from beautiful a series of in be being tasted newly see this not hard, but beautiful can not offer the product with these business affairs rich colors clearly is to be business affairs user to make only, let an user find the product that accords with oneself demand however instead. Besides this 3 old brands, brotherly product was ignored it seems that, but the participation that maintains his composure however arrived in competition, firstly some in of low end muti_function price of machine of ink jet an organic whole is low, also got many customer approbate.

Actually, sheet relies on main force of this a few old brands to extend product of business affairs ink jet, did not point to spearhead black and white laser printer directly, while business gush product begins a large number of appearing on the market, HP, beautiful can, associate, SamSung a few big black and white stimulate hit strong brand to also be in roll out black and white laser printer quickly, the price is low taste rapid and occupational market newly, low end is black and white laser printer price falls to 1000 yuan of less than, and still have the tendency that glides further, and the sales volume of whole and black and white laser printer begins to exceed ink jet printer, the shipment in making the market gradually measures the oldest product. Under the demand that printing black and white documentation, business affairs office consumes a group to be able to choose practical black and white laser printer already, also can choose to be able to output the printer of chromatic ink jet with chromatic data, richer function. Both locating jackknife part appears in consuming a group, spread out comprehensive antagonism thereby.
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