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Teaching material of middle and primary school prints GB with paper finish by Oc
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The reporter pressworks from the whole nation secretariat of standardization technology committee understands, national level " schoolbook of middle and primary school uses paper, print quality and law of check proved recipe " (GB/T18359) edit will in October the bottom is finished.

The whole nation pressworks when staff member of technical committee secretariat is accepting reporter phone to interview, standardization says, of this standard edit basically stem from 3 reasons. Above all, tell from time, this metric system on 2001, press a standard 5 years one castigatory principle, should make edit. Next, tell from technical development, the technical index of this standard and test method should get in time updating. The 3rd, tell from the environment, of this standard made an environment produce very big change, national economy grows ceaselessly, the country is contributive aid financially schoolbook, should raise text book appropriately print quality.

As we have learned, the whole nation pressworks standardization technology committee held GB/T18359 in people education press on July 28 " schoolbook of middle and primary school uses paper, print quality and law of check proved recipe " edit the conference that draft. The conference prints the sort that whether should include to use teaching material, teaching material to use paper circularly in the standard and technical index, schoolbook to print quality and bound quality, correspondence in the light of schoolbook of middle and primary school detect method and cite the content such as the standard undertook a harangue, reached a lot of collective opinions, fetched expectant gain.

The relevant branch chief of total arrange of Ministry of Education and new scent edition attends the meeting and speak. People education press, Henan Xin Huayin brushs Xin Huayin of one factory, Anhui to brush Inc. , fragrance Europe to collect plain silver of place of group Beijing delegate, Henan is columbine industrial investment Inc. , morning cries more than 20 when paper industry, China publishs the unit such as scientific institute.