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Normative market England publishs children stationery to bring complete new stan
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British standard association (BSI) the new standard that be written about children at was being passed recently and labels tool safety asks. When children puts the cap of a pen entrance antrum to dally with, bring about accidentally inspiratory end lid or the cap of a pen extremely easily, inspiratory component will get stuck in throat, jam thereby tracheal cause asphyxial. The purpose that England publishs this standard is the safety that will raise a book to write a tool through reducing inspiratory the cap of a pen and the possibility that carry a lid. Notable is, the level is only right 14 years old of the following children, below normal or probable condition, use book wrote a tool to create safe demand.

Since this year, raw material cost rises, stationery exit situation is exasperate, examine company of quarantine department proposal increases new product development and technical innovation strength, on originality and design the breakthrough develops bottleneck, on feasibility many concentrate one's efforts is designed in the exterior of stationery. Industry a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces perfects system of professional cooperation form a complete set ceaselessly, promotion produces dimensions of gross, industry and equipment standard, develop Euramerican diversity market. In the meantime, partial stationery enterprise can try to guide the technical standard that makes the products of things of custom-built pen, student, paper, field such as art things, alter the aspect that the occupation standard of lag promotes urgently, realize the butt joint with international standard hard, in order to promote the fast growth that stationery industry leaves in high threshold.