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Ball-pen uses printing ink occupation standard
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This standard applies to ball-pen core special printing ink.

1 classification

1.1 ball-pen are with printing ink cent: One class printing ink, 2 class printing ink two kinds.

2 technologies ask

Ball-pen of 2.1 of all kinds uses the quality index of printing ink, should accord with regulation issueing a list.

Index name classification sets 2 class printing ink fastness of insolation of one class printing ink > line of slight bleeding leach does not have line of leach of fastness of 3 class leach basically bleeding is able to bear or endure 15 ℃ of lukewarm sex ― not degenerative ooze changes 60 ℃ clear line does not have degree of line diffuse chasteness is spent write turn over normally.

Note: Determine to should accord with GB4306 with pen core? / the requirement of core of brushstroke of interconnected system of FONT>84 state standard.

Law of 3 check proved recipe

3.1 insolation fastness

3.1.1 determine instrument and paper article

Y581 insolation fastness appearance;

Unified pen core is plastic empty vitta 1;

Drawknife: Stainless steel piece (long: 5 ~ 7 centimeters, thick: 0, 1 millimeter of 5 ~ )

60 grams / meter 2 glue paperboard (6 × 12 centimeters)

3.1.2 determine method

Plastic oil pipe inserts core of will unified pen sample printing ink is absorbed in the ball that wash ear, blow one dribble Chinese ink next at 60 grams / 2 glue of rice board above (similar paper should be filled up to maintain level 5 pieces below this paper) . Arrange Mo Di paper to be blown to lower part forcibly with drawknife below, blow ink marks to make an appointment with 6 ~ 7 centimeters, be able to bear or endure for printing ink namely bask in sample. be able to bear or endure by ISO105-B01-1978(E)(coloring smooth prison spends test way) 4(1) sets (insolation prison is spent) the insolate in putting insolation prison to spend appearance together with orchid color woollen checks the progression that compares fade 80 hours (become angry do not make assessment) .

3.2 leach fastness

3.2.1 determine reagent and paper article

A. Distilled water;

B.60 is overcome / rice 2 glue paperboard;

C. Unified pen core 5 ~ 10 (not fill printing ink) .

3.2.2 determine method

Take not the unified pen core of fill printing ink 10 fill enter 5 ~ sample printing ink, write in the book after 500 meters are being underlined on machine, the pen core that chooses a kilometre to give Chinese ink quantity to be 20 milligram of 150 ± is in 60 grams / rice goes back and forth between each to delimit on 2 glue paperboard linear 20 centimeters in all 5 line interval is 0.2cm, cut take line middle 10 centimeters broad sample 2 pieces, 24 hour hind are placed below room temperature, 72 hours pass in the distilled water of room temperature of immerge of 1/4 ~ 1/2 that uses a piece of paper immerse take out cool dry, examine with range estimation circumstance of fastness of its line leach.
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