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Mobile pencil uses regulation of classification of quality of core of Chinese in
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1 activity pencil uses social estate of quality of core of Chinese ink lead (HB kind)

1.1 method are opposite only the 0.50.7 colophony lead core that reach 1.0mm core way differentiate quality grade. Its quality cent is A, B, C3 grade.

1.2 activities pencil divides each function index to should accord with QB1024 with core of Chinese ink lead outside the regulation, the technology of bending intensity and absorbance asks to should accord with regulation issueing a list.

0.5 A 274 0.47 B 196 0.43 0.7 A 235 0.47 B 176 0.43 1.0 A 176 0.47 B 157 0.43 of absorbance ≥ of ≥ of MPa of intensity of bending of level of Mm of plumbic core norms

Index of function of 1.3C grade product

Pencil of C grade activity uses the each function index of core of Chinese ink lead to should accord with QB1024 regulation.

2 experiments method

Mobile pencil uses Mo Qian core each sex experiment presses QB1024 regulation to undertake.

3 test gauge criterion

When 3.1 type examine, should from inside the product random and draw-out 100 above product serves as the example that offer test. And with every groups 20 products serve as examine example, undertake each project experiments respectively.

The grade of 3.2 bending intensity differentiates, on the foundation of the percent of pass that should achieve QB1024 to set in the sample that be measured, computation is measured 20 times the average of sample, differentiate by this average next grade of A, B.

The bending intensity of product of grade of 3.3A, B, two regulations that index must reach corresponding order and degree entirely are worth absorbance. Among them requirement of some index short of, the actual measurement standard that should press this item differentiates grade.

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