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Regulation of classification of quality of pencil of pulsatile type activity
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Grade of quality of pencil of activity of 1 pulsatile type

The classify of pencil of pulsatile type activity that 1.1 method are 0.5mm and 0.5mm above to core diameter norms only. By its quality is divided in all for 3 A, B, C, grade. Pencil of pulsatile type activity eliminates class of 1.2A, B each function index should accord with QB1023 outside the regulation, force of the core that place lead (before exhaustion) the technical requirement that reachs the exterior should accord with a watch 1 regulation. (differentiate incomplete, be short of, appendix of useless compasses definite opinion) watch 1:Kind model class does not place plumbic core force (before exhaustion) high level of exterior of ≥ of N tastes   of A 8   1. Without incomplete, be short of, useless, without minor defect.     2. Bright and clean brightness is first class. The class in B 6.86 tastes class of general of A 8 B 6.37 to taste index of function of product of grade of A 8 B 5.88 1.3C:

The each function index of pencil of pulsatile type activity should accord with C grade QB1023 regulation.

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